Friends of Great Valley Schools

We represent the different stakeholders who are served by the Great Valley School District. We may be served in different ways but we know maintaining a high quality school district serves us all.

We are Parents who want our children to be educated in a safe environment.  We view the Great Valley School District as a community asset that will prepare our children to thrive in the future and protect the value of our community.  We want to ensure that our voices are heard concerning decisions impacting our children.

We are Taxpayers who have invested in the Great Valley School District. We know an excellent school district not only provides a better future for students, it creates a legacy that benefits all of us.  We expect school members to honor their fiduciary duty to our community and spend our tax dollars wisely.

We are Residents who appreciate that better-educated children make for better community members.  We enjoy the amenities provided by the school district and expect them to be properly maintained for use by the community.

We are Homeowners who understand that our real estate values are directly related to the quality of the Great Valley School District.  We want school board members who can balance providing a high quality education for students with keeping costs down.

We are Alumni who have benefitted from the education they received and are proud to be part of the Great Valley community.  We want to maintain the overall excellence of the Great Valley schools for our children and the next generation of Great Valley students.