Becky Spiess

GVSD Region 3


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Becky is a parent of two children in Great Valley, a longtime GVS volunteer, with a professional background working with schools and universities on spending and costs.

Invested In Our Schools: Becky Spiess is a longtime Willistown resident with two boys in Great Valley schools, one in middle school and the other in high school. A long time volunteer for our school district, she served for 2 years on the PTO board at Sugartown and has served on numerous committees.

Economics of Schools: Becky’s 25 years working with Vanguard’s non-profit team has given her a deep understanding of the economics of schools and universities. Costs matter, and Becky has experience helping schools find solutions for the lowest costs while increasing educational opportunities for the students and the prestigiousness of the schools.

Foundational Learning: Becky’s experiences with an IEP for one of her children has given her insights into how well our school district works with each child to help them excel. Becky is committed to the safety of our kids as well as their mental and physical health believing that this is the basis by which learning can happen. Becky Spiess will work hard to ensure that every child in Great Valley schools will be given a safe and supportive learning environment that will allow them to be academically challenged and grow.